How to knead Neapolitan pizza dough | Kneading pizza dough by hand

How do you knead dough by hand?

This method is really easy and works great for small to medium size batches of dough, creating a beautifully soft and stretchy dough.

The video below shows me demonstrating the basic kneading technique that I use for my homemade Neapolitan style pizza dough.

Kneading pizza dough by hand

Do you have to knead pizza dough?

In fact, you don’t have to knead pizza dough at all. If you are new to pizza making, I recommend trying out my no knead pizza recipe here.

Kneading pizza dough by hand
No knead pizza dough recipe here!

However, kneading pizza dough strengthens the dough, allowing you to stretch the pizza out thinner. If you really want true Neapolitan pizza, you will have to knead the pizza a bit.

How long do you knead pizza dough by hand?

The good news is, not that long.

At first, you may have to spend about 10 minutes kneading, whilst you’re learning how to do it. But once you get the hand of the technique, you will probably only have to knead the dough for about 5 minutes.

How do you know when you’ve kneaded the dough enough?

You will learn this through experience but I have written an article on how to tell when your pizza dough is kneaded enough.

Testing hand kneaded Neapolitan pizza dough
The windowpane test is one method explained here

In the article, I also go into many other technical details associated with kneading. However, I wanted to keep it simple in this one because kneading really isn’t that difficult and I don’t want to put people off.

Once you have mastered the no knead method, give kneading a go on your next batch of pizza and see what difference it makes.


Try out this simple kneading technique and don’t be afraid to experiment, there is no correct way of kneading. Your pizza will benefit from an improved texture, and the additional strength will enable you to make a pizza with a really thin base.

A Neapolitan pizza I made using this hand kneading technique
A Neapolitan pizza I made using this hand kneading technique

As well as producing great results, kneading pizza dough by hand is easy, fun, inexpensive, and highly rewarding. Knowing that you’ve made the pizza by hand, from scratch, makes it taste even better in the end!

Now let’s get mixing!

Tom Rothwell from My Pizza Corner eating homemade pizza

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