Authentic Pizza Recipes

Take a look at my range of Authentic pizza recipes below. All my recipes are true to the traditional styles of pizza, including the Neapolitan style pizza and the New York style pizza. My recipes use authentic ingredients and time-tested methods, that are true to each pizza style.

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Easy & Authentic pizza recipes

I’ve made these recipes as easy as possible to follow along with at home. As well as providing step-by-step instructions, I have also provided detailed explanations so everything makes sense. Many of the recipes have videos accompanying them as well.

Why Neapolitan pizza recipes?

When I first started making pizza, I didn’t understand the hype around Neapolitan pizza. I thought that surely there’s many ways to make great pizza. Why should there be rules about what you should do and how it should be?

But the more I experimented with pizza, the more I found myself going back to the Neapolitan style. It just worked.

Authentic Neapolitan Pizza
Authentic Neapolitan pizza recipes make the best pizza I’ve found!

I’ve come to realise now that the reason that the rules exist is because the style has been pretty much perfected. Of course, that’s not to say that you can’t experiment with different styles.

But if you follow the authentic recipes and techniques as much as possible, you are guaranteed to make great pizza every time. And this is why I love the Neapolitan style.

Neapolitan pizza crust
The best crust on pizza – Neapolitan style!

The dough is so simple, yet so delicious. The fresh toppings compliment each other so well. The shaping of the pizza creates a wonderfully soft yet crispy crust. And a Neapolitan pizza oven produces a wonderful texture and flavour to the pizza.

What’s more, the recipes are quite simple really. But like with anything, making great Neapolitan pizza just takes practice.