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I’m Tom Rothwell and I’m the guy behind My Pizza Corner. I'm super passionate about all kinds of homemade pizza! In the last couple of years I've been on a quest to find the perfect pizza.

I've started My Pizza Corner to share what I've found out with the world! Hopefully you'll find some useful advice whilst sharing my love of pizza. Take a look at the posts below and stay tuned for lots more great content.

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Easy Poolish Pizza Dough Recipe | Neapolitan Poolish

Neapolitan pizza dough with poolish Click here to skip to the recipe. Introduction to poolish pizza Poolish is a simple...

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How to clean your ooni/uuni pizza oven

Do I need to clean my Ooni pizza oven? Well that depends, but in a word, yes! This is especially...

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What is wood fired pizza? | What is a wood fired pizza oven?

What is wood fired pizza? Wood fired pizza, simply put, is pizza that is cooked in an oven that is...

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How to knead Neapolitan pizza dough | Kneading pizza dough by hand

How do you knead dough by hand? This method is really easy and works great for small to medium size...

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Authentic Neapolitan Pizza Recipe | How To Make The Perfect Neapolitan Pizza

The most authentic, perfect Neapolitan pizza recipe! This is perhaps the most authentic Neapolitan pizza recipe you will find! What’s...

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Homemade pizza tips, tricks, and hacks

Tips, tricks, and hacks that will take your pizza game to the next level! These homemade pizza tips, tricks, and...

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Easy no knead Neapolitan pizza dough

Neapolitan pizza dough that's actually easy! With this Neapolitan pizza recipe, you will be able to make incredible pizza dough...

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How to tell if pizza dough is kneaded enough

Do I need to learn how to knead? (Excuse the pun!) Being able to tell if your pizza dough is...

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Authentic Italian/Neapolitan pizzas and toppings

What are the most authentic Italian/Neapolitan pizzas? In Naples, where modern pizza was invented, the traditional Neapolitan pizzas are the...

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Neapolitan pizza dough hydration

What is meant by pizza dough hydration? When we talk about hydration, we are referring to the amount of water...

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Baker’s percentage and pizza dough

What is baker's percentage? Baker's percentage, or baker's percent, is a method of measuring the quantity of ingredients in a...

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How to avoid a soggy, undercooked pizza

How do I stop my homemade pizza from being soggy and undercooked? There are 7 main ways to avoid a...

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The best temperature to cook homemade pizza

What is the best temperature to cook homemade pizza? The simple answer is as hot as your oven will go!...

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